A lot of people in Thailand, and I like it a lot, and I left you a special surprise if you uncover all the tiles!
I met a girl from Europe who taught me how to play while she was on vacation.
If you can break through all the tiles, my bubble butt might just "breakout" of my shorts!
Did you know I'm afraid of ghosts? I even get a little scared playing this game!
Mar 28, 2018 - It was a wonderful overcast day today on the Island. No school or work and not a care in the world! I went out to the beach just to feel the water on my toes. I stepped into the salty water, just up to above my ankles. The cove where I was had very small waves, so the water was almost flat. I looked out into the distance to see if I could see anything interesting. I always hope for a view...  
  Mar 14, 2018 - I was wondering around today and figured if I was going be someplace, I might was well head to the mall! I didnít have anything special I needed to look for, so I checked at a few cute clothing stores and tried on some outfits. Well nothing caught my...
Apr 11, 2018
Apr 11, 2018 - So yesterday I went on this CRAZY movie ride! It was a 3-D ride that makes you feel like you are traveling on a log down a river, and to a place where they make wood into paper. It was so REAL! I put on my red and...
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