A lot of people in Thailand, and I like it a lot, and I left you a special surprise if you uncover all the tiles!
I met a girl from Europe who taught me how to play while she was on vacation.
If you can break through all the tiles, my bubble butt might just "breakout" of my shorts!
Did you know I'm afraid of ghosts? I even get a little scared playing this game!
Sep 26, 2007 - Hehe! I want to take a trip to Japan one day, so lately I have been practicing by eating with chop sticks. In Thai we call them "ta-keab". I know it's a little silly, but I have fun using them and fantasizing I am in Tokyo having a yummy meal.

Someday I hope to travel for a visit, and I will be prepared with my chopsticks when I do!!!!!
  Sep 19, 2007 - Today was such a beautiful day! I met my friend Pook for lunch and we ate yummy noodles. Pook's aunt has a small restaurant on the beach that sells noodles and tasty seafood. My favorite dish is noodles with clam, squid and shrimp.

Oct 3, 2007
Oct 3, 2007 - Yay! I went for a swim today at my friend Jelly's apartment. She has a farang boyfriend and stay at a nice building south of me. My favorite part of Jelly's room is the nice pool! The water is to clear and...
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